In 2022, being “woke,” has little relevance to its original 1930s racial context. The term has become broadly generalized to encompass so-called “protected groups.” These mostly arbitrary, and unrelated, groups are labeled beyond reproach by the media and government.
I wrote this to illustrate some thoughts and beliefs and to reject being forced into a political box by other people. Everyone can work together for a…
Guardrails and Bubble Wrap: The Tired Narrative of GrievanceListen now (40 min) | By incentivizing grievance and victimhood, Americans have traded strength and resilience for guardrails and bubble wrap.
Texas Child Protective Services - A DiscussionListen now (57 min) | A discussion of Child Protective Services in Texas. Problems, realities, and suggestions.
2022 The Year in ReviewListen now (31 min) | 2022 The Year in Review. Cindy and Will look back at some of the biggest stories of 2022.
Realities of Owning a Small BusinessListen now (41 min) | Stress, sleepless nights, risk, trial and error, competition, and an entrepreneurial mindset.
Elon Musk vs. The Woke Mind VirusListen now (32 min) | Elon Musk is leading the fight against online censorship and The Woke Mind Virus. In a free society, free speech isn't dangerous…
Midterm Election BreakdownListen now (28 min) | The "Red Wave" didn't materialize, but Texas and Florida did turn more red. Abbott vs. Beto is over, and DeSantis vs. Trump is…
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